Also by Ricky Fleet


With madness beckoning, a chance encounter sets in motion a series of events that will begin to unravel the mysteries of his dreadful visions. Unbeknownst to Malachi the forces of darkness are hunting for him, eager to seize the untapped powers he possesses. With the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, unlikely alliances are forged in a desperate attempt to keep him from their evil clutches.

Absolutely fascinating story, I literally could not put it down, the story is very fast paced which I loved * * * * *

After a rollercoaster of death and destruction, Malachi’s true destiny is laid out by Cardinal Beauchamp. Heaven and Hell call them Shroud Walkers; people whose unique experiences give them incredible powers over life and death, even time itself. Answering the call of The Church, he vows to fight the dark forces arrayed against them and save mankind from eternal damnation. Only by unlocking more of his hidden gifts can he possibly hope to succeed.
The Executive are bruised and bloodied from the assault by Amaris and Legacy. They retreat to the shadows, plotting terrible retribution for the humiliating infiltration. Their wrath will be swift and brutal, bringing the legions of the underworld shrieking into our world. Hell is coming.

Thank you for creating such a fabulous universe Mr Fleet! Keep up the awesome work! And hurry up on the rest of this series too! * * * * *